About Us

Kids Paradise was started in 2007 by Mr. Prabhat Vijh & Mrs. Roopali Prabhat Vijh. Their tremendous love for kids and passion for teaching gave birth to the idea of starting this Academy. With the sole intention of teaching a handful kids they initiated this journey and grew into such a big family that has more than 250 kids now and still growing daily.

Founders' Message

We believe the quality of experiences the child face in early life lays the foundation within it towards adaptation for further complex learning which also shapes up brain architecture and its behaviour in a broader positive way at a later phase of its life. We have adopted holistic and emergent curriculum which encourages literacy, numeracy, problem solving skills and creative thinking which are abilities that have been identified significantly for overall development of a child.

Changes are the only constant. Whatever we teach today might be obsolete tomorrow. Following this approach in life every year we try to include something innovative and creative to improve our teaching techniques. Our children motivate us to challenge ourselves and broaden our own body of knowledge so as to bring more diversity and depth into the Curriculum. As educators, it is our firm belief that we are learners first and it is with this spirit and mindset that we keep evolving and growing ourselves. The primary goal of the Preschool experiences is to build confidence in social interactions, develop self-esteem and promote positive feeling towards learning.

Our Vision

  • Each child is unique and its willingness to accept new concepts through practical experience is different. We respect this belief and direct our efforts towards child’s customised requirements reflected from its behaviour, home environment and the way it takes the things around it.

  • A child, Parents and Teacher is a team that can work and grow together only. If any angle of this trio is left behind it will hinder the progress of the child and wouldn’t be able to survive for which it is created. We help young parents in nurturing future generation to be sensible as well as sensitive towards its surrounding.

  • “Think and ask questions” concept enhances the child’s reasoning ability towards new things which can only be cultivated in them during their initial age. We channelise the child’s quest for play by providing opportunity to imitate, question, explore and experiment the learning concepts.

Our Team

  • Our Faculty is the most precious resource we have, to endure and implement the ideas for children-centred learning program that will help them to grow within and beyond classroom. 

  • Children at Kids Paradise spend quality time with trained teaching staff that has the patience and ability to transform a child into a curious and independent learner with their creative methods and tremendous experiences.